PlayerVerify, The New Way To Prevent Fraud

PlayerVerify, The New Way To Prevent Fraud

When a new player applies for an account at an online gaming site, a verification process ensues. The point of verification is to confirm that the player’s identity is not stolen and their address is accurate. This process is mandated by the regulatory authority that issued the license and is in the best interest of the online casino. Also, establishing the identity of the player ensures he is not applying for a second account or using stolen banking information or a credit card.

The Easy Way

The process is inconvenient for the player and online gaming site. Luckily, PlayerVerify has been able to ease the verification process for both parties. PlayerVerify is an online background service provider that utilizes hub and secure technology to perform the interaction between the casino and player via an electronic means.

Matching Information

A representative from PlayerVerify recently explained how the system works so quickly and effectively. The process essentially involves matching the information provided by the player with the information on their driver’s license, passport, or other forms of physical identification. PlayerVerify has created a system that allows players to upload these hard forms of identification.

The Access Code

When players apply for an account at an online casino, they send an access code that allows the casino to confirm the uploaded documentation. This method allows players and casinos to be confident that personal information remains private and secure. Another advantage of the system is that players can upload all documents to a single portal so information scattering does not occur.

Maintaining Security

The primary focus of the company is to maintain a high level of security. Therefore, the information uploaded can only be accessed by casinos when they provide the correct code. Also, the accounts that players hold at PlayerVerify come with a variety of features including the ability to see in real-time which casinos are viewing their documents and whether their account is approved.

Other Features

Also, players will be able to acquire a list of which sites viewed their verification documentation and the date when it was viewed. Additionally, players can lock specific documents once approved thus denying casinos from viewing them following the process.

The PlayerVerify system has added an entirely new level of security to the online casino industry. Once the word is out that the system is highly effective, PlayerVerify is going to explode with new customers.

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