Casino Security Technologies

Casino Security Technologies

With modern technology, casinos are better than ever at stopping theft. Effective casino security begins with detection. Every visitor is being watched before even entering the door of a casino. Regulatory agencies do not pity thefts in casinos. There are five modern types of casino security currently utilized by gaming properties across the globe including:

  • License plate readers
  • Biometric face recognition
  • Angel Eye
  • RFID chips
  • TableEye21
  • License Plate Readers

Any suspicious car can be removed from casino property before security even sees the faces of those inside. This is due to Plate Recognition technology in which a camera snaps a picture of the license plate of every car entering the casino. Optical character recognition software then converts the characters on the license plate into text which is compared to the plates of undesirable individuals.

Biometric Face Recognition

The second you walk in the door of a casino, your face is scanned by the cameras. In the past, manned security cameras would identify unwanted guests. However, biometric face recognition technology has changed this method. Dumb biometric systems detect human faces and grab a snapshot of every guest. Smart biometric systems take a snapshot and analyze the face of each guest and compare them to a database of undesirables.

Angel Eye

Even if the undesirable character makes it past the biometric face recognition technology, the Angel Eye at baccarat tables will pick him up. This equipment was designed to eliminate card-switching problems in Asian countries due to bar codes on each card. As the dealer distributes the cards, a sensor in the shoe tracks the cards being dealt and communicates them to a computer. Once all cards a dealt, the dealer presses a button that analyzes each hand.

RFID Chips

Many casinos are now implementing small Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips into their playing chips. These mechanisms broadcast serial identifiers via radio frequency so counterfeit chips will not churn out the correct waves. Other users include tracking chips borrowed to players for credit as well as tracking playing information for specific tables.


TableEye21 is a combination of many technologies. An overhead video camera tracks all moves and is analyzed by software and information sent from RFID chips. The output is real-time information of the cards being distributed and chips being wagered. Meanwhile, the software tracks a variety of statistics for the table such as rounds per hour; trend reports and the player win percentage. If a player is counting cards, this software will identify an odd trend.

There are many different types of security mechanisms in place at casinos. Technology has advanced so far that the bottom line is, don’t cheat you will get caught. However, many thefts continue to occur daily and many individuals go to jail as a result.

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